Waking People Up

I went through an exercise with a personal coach and took my mission statement of several hundred words and condensed it to three. Those three words forever changed my life. Those three words were not a goal; they were a direction – and a purpose. When you decide on a direction, the goals you need to program will become obvious and you won’t need to set them at all.

You will just accomplish them.

The three words from my exercise with the personal coach were: “Waking People Up.”

That was the direction I wanted to go. The minute I reduced it to a simple direction, my subconscious gave me all the goals I needed to start working on. What I’ve accomplished is a result of knowing that direction. I’d had a goal to write a book for more than 10 years, but never got started. Once I had a clear direction and purpose, to “Wake People Up,” I wrote my book, The Success Compass, in about two years.

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