About Kevin

Kevin is the author of multiple products and the two-time award-winning author of The Success Compass. He is also the creator of The Success Compass series®.

He has a special passion for teaching success principles and coaching first time authors. Kevin has mastered the art of refining ideas and simplified the writing and publishing process in such a way that YOU too can become a published author.

Whether speaking to a group of entrepreneurs or coordinating a book project, Kevin knows how to lead, teach and inspire others so they reach their full potential and fulfill their dreams of writing a book.

Meeting with clients over the phone, in person, or speaking to groups of people and implementing solutions are among his favorite ways to make an impact through his work.

He is also the CEO of Federal Benefits Group, www.FedBenefitsGroup.com, a private company providing education and financial services to federal employees. He is the co-author of Maximizing Your Federal Benefits: A Federal Employee’s Survival Guide.

Kevin is dedicated to the education of his clients. His 15-plus years of innovative problem solving as an entrepreneur, sales profesional and business leader have allowed him to make some critical distinctions that have allowed not only his current company to thrive but to also help his clients and colleagues avoid the pain and discomfort that comes from not making the right financial decisions and/or not having all the pieces of the puzzle they need to achieve their goals.

Kevin’s life mission is “Waking People Up” and he strives to leave everyone better off than he found them.

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