The Book

Wherever You Want to Go… The Success Compass Can Get You There

Why do some people achieve consistent success and others experience consistent failure? Why do we set a goal, visualize it, work toward it and then everything goes the exact opposite of what we planned?  Why do good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?  Have you seen the Law of Attraction succeed enough in your life that you don’t doubt it, but seen it fail enough that you don’t completely trust it?

And how do we navigate the bombardment of contradictions about how to think and what to do?

The Success Compass tackles these questions head on. With no-nonsense, “keep it real” approach, you will embark upon a journey that will deliver some easy answers to some of your toughest questions.

In the Success Compass you will:

●Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

●Incorporate the Law of Attraction’s Missing Links

●Strengthen Positive Beliefs & Eliminate Negative Ones

●Upgrade Your Self-Esteem

●Clarify Your Purpose

●Set, Plan, Prioritize and Achieve Your Goals

●Unleash Your Mental Powers to Reach Your Full Potential

●Define Success for YOU

●Overcome Recurring Habits of Self-Sabotage

●Balance Aspiration & Contentment