Know the Difference – Purpose or Goal?

Some Examples of a Purpose:
• To add value to others
• To wake people up
• To encourage people
• To lead others to spiritual maturity
• To be wealthy
• To advance the gospel
• To help the less fortunate
• To be healthy
• To be happy
• To feed the hungry

Some Examples of Goals:
• Finances: To earn $100,000 a year; to become a millionaire; to retire by age 40
• Physical Health: To reduce my weight to 175; to lose 5 inches around my waist
• Relationships: To go on two dates a month with my spouse, to attend one social function every other week
• Career: To get promoted to sales manager in two years; to finish college; to go back to school
• Spiritual: To pray every day; to go to church every week
• Possessions: To buy a new home by the end of next year; to buy a black Lexus LS460

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