Ultimate Coaching Package

If the student is ready, this teacher is ready to appear. The personal coaching program is not for everyone. However, if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have a book in you, then keep reading. Are you ready to write and publish your book in the shortest amount of time, at the highest quality while simultaneously having an expert guide you through all the critical steps, decisions and common pitfalls of first-time authors? If you said yes, then hiring me as your personal coach is the answer.

If you have ever had a coach, then I don’t need to explain the value in working directly with someone who has successfully navigated the journey you’re embarking upon. As your coach, I’ll share with you information you need to know to complete your worthwhile goal. We will meet once a week on the phone, and you’ll have unlimited email access. I’ll help you navigate the writing and publishing journey and meet you where you are.

But, I will also challenge you. When I decide to take on a new coaching client I have one goal… and that is to help you achieve yours. I am less concerned about keeping you in your comfort zone and more concerned with getting you in the “end zone.” A journey with me will be very compelling. It will create more energy, excitement and advancement than you have likely had in years. But I will not “candy coat” things. I will be direct from the start.

I will get right down to business by asking you some simple but compelling questions. A new you will begin to take shape not because of my questions, but because of your answers. I will be rigorous and may even seem a little too authoritative in our quest for your honesty and clarity. Why? My job is to help you, support you and hold you accountable for getting what you want. It is important that we both know what that is and that it is the true goal of your heart.

If you are 100% serious about my personal coaching program, please send me an email. We will have a conversation about whether or not it is right for both of us. If we both agree to move forward, you will have lifetime access to me as your coach.

Your Personal Coaching Program includes:

  • Lifetime Personal Coaching with Kevin Hocker
  • The Fast-Start Program
  • The Premier Home Study Course
  • Free admittance to all Aspiring Author Academy workshops in the future.

Personal Coaching Investment $2,995

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Total $3,150.00 USD
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