Million Dollar Secrets

Million Dollar Secrets of the Entrepreneur

The Million Dollar Secrets of the Entrepreneur Home Study Course is a Step -by- Step System for Writing and Publishing a World- Class Book.It Delivers Everything You Need to Fulfill Your Writing and Publishing Dream.The foundation of the course is taken from Kevin’s flagship event, the Aspiring Author Academy
Premier Home Study Course
The Million Dollar Secrets of the Entrepreneur Home Study Course is designed for the self-motivated, self initiated student who is willing to burn the midnight oil. It will be your companion on the journey to your book’s completion. It’s an advanced course that covers everything you need to write, publish and sell your book.

Your Million Dollar Secrets of the Entrepreneur Home Study Course includes:

1) 10 DVD’s & 10 Audio CD’s of entire two-day event of Aspiring Author Academy
The next best thing to being there is to watch this information-packed seminar or listen to it while you drive. Enter into the live question-and-answer sessions and hear rare and candid content that most authors rarely learn. In addition, you will hear unique commentary on:

  • The Six Most Important Criteria for Becoming a Successful Author
  • In this content rich course you will discover:
    • How the traditional publishing industry really works.
    • Your 3 main publishing options and what you must know about each one.
    • The pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing.
    • Everything you need to write, sell and publish your own book.
    • Why (and how) e-books, Kindle and other innovations are changing the game.
    • How to create a step-by-step blueprint to write your entire book
    • Formulas for writing your book faster than you ever thought possible
    • The critical role of a good literary agent & how to acquire one.
    • How to build your most important ingredient for success -Your Platform.
    • How to obtain tons of free publicity.
    • 5 Insider secrets to write your book quickly.
    • The most costly oversight of new authors (that has nothing to do with writing or publishing).
    • How to sell foreign rights.
    • Devastating misconceptions held by most inexperienced authors.

    Also included are:

    • The Exact Letters Used to Obtain Celebrity Endorsements
    • The Exact Query Letter and Book Proposals that Resulted in Several Offers from Literary Agents and Publishers
    • How to Pick the Perfect Topic
    • How to “Engineer” Your Book to Attract Your Ideal Clients
    • 12 Different Writing Formats
    • The 5 Biggest Mistakes New Authors Make
    • Bonus Audio and Video Footage: 5 amazing guest speakers who are all extremely successful authors covering a wide spectrum of critical skills that would take decades to learn.

2) The Aspiring Author Academy Workbook
Follow along with the live seminar with these 200+ pages jam-packed with information to guide you through the writing and publishing process. Within this workbook are the templates I have used to successfully land publishing offers, literary agents, testimonials and more. You get actual copies of everything I used on my successful publishing journey.

Premier Home Study Course

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