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AAA Fast Start Pack
Before you begin writing your book, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish and then create a workable plan to get you there. Fast-Start is designed to help you do just that, offering a wealth of information before you take the full-blown publishing plunge. It will educate you and dispel many of the myths about writing and publishing. It will also prepare and equip you with the right tools, mindset and ideas to make your writing and publishing journey much easier and more successful.

Sitting down at your keyboard is the easiest part of the writing and publishing experience (I said easiest, I didn’t say easy). Many first time authors complete a very good manuscript, but it never goes anywhere. Several factors cause problems, including:

  • Not clarifying a target audience.
  • Not determining how the book might be integrated into their business or their business into their book.
  • Not clearly understanding the different publishing options and determining which one is best for them.
  • Not having a marketing plan or budget.
  • Not setting realistic expectations.
  • Not understanding publishing contracts before they sign.


The Fast-Start program addresses these questions and many more. And these are the questions that should be answered before you begin writing, not after you’re finished.

Regardless of whether you are almost done with your manuscript or are just exploring the idea of writing a book, the Fast-Start program will educate, enlighten, and help you determine exactly what you need to do next….and how.

Starting the book-writing process reminds me of the classic story about a man who worked his butt of to climb the ladder of success only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall. The Fast-Start Program is less about helping you climb the ladder (although it will certainly do that), but is more about making sure you climb the right wall.

Your Fast -Start program includes this critical information:

1) The Fast-Start Manual
In this content-rich course, we cover the following:

  • Learn how the publishing industry works and how it’s changing.
  • Discover the basics of traditional publishing.
  • Examine the pros and cons of traditional publishing versus self-publishing.
  • Appreciate the odds of getting traditionally published.
  • Understand what is important to publishers.
  • Learn the role of a good literary agent.
  • Gain clarity on the publisher’s role versus the author’s.
  • Become familiar with the major components of the book writing and production process.
  • Understand the misconceptions held by most inexperienced authors.
  • Give you clarity and confidence on how and where to start.
  • Gain realistic expectations about what it takes to complete a book.
  • Learn why the business behind the book is more important than the book.
  • Give excellent techniques on how boost your business before (and after) your book is finished.
  • Much, much more…


2) Secrets of The Entrepreneurial Author CD.
Taken straight from day one of the live two-day seminar, Aspiring Author Academy, you will be blown away by the simple distinctions that make the difference between success and failure as an author. Learn the master secrets and strategies of the world’s top authors.

3) Copy of the award-winning book, The Success Compass, by Kevin Hocker.
This book will not only inspire you, but will be a powerful template to use in the writing of your own book. Kevin’s unique writing style and formula help even the most inexperienced writers develop a technique that works for them.

4) Free one-hour consultation with Kevin Hocker about writing and publishing your own book. Ask Kevin anything you want about your book. Gain an expert perspective that can shave years off of your journey by helping you establish the writing and publishing plan that’s right for you.

AAA Fast Start Pack

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