Do you REALLY want to write a book?

It has been estimated that over 80% of people have dreamed of writing a book. However, the statistics for people who actually A) begin pursuing this dream and B) achieve this dream are far from 80%.

In fact, I would bet the number on that side of the fence is less than 5%. The question then becomes, why? There are plenty of answers to this questions but I will tell you one of the best places to start:

You must ask yourself WHY you really want to write a book in the first place. This should not be a casual conversation with yourself. You should also probably ignore the first few answers that come to mind. They will not be the real reason. Oh, your mind will try to convince you they are, but they usually aren’t.

I don’t believe that most people fail to accomplish the dream of writing a book. Not at all. I believe that most people don’t really have it as a dream, they just think they do. If you do some real soul searching you will discover if this dream is real. If it is, you will accomplish it regardless of what obstacles you may face on the road to completetion.

So… why do you want to write a book… why else… besides that… if you had to pick another reason…is that really true…. Go for it!

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