A Thinking System

Many things – cars, computers, airplanes or the human body, for instance – work the way they’re supposed to because a system behind them functions properly.

When you’re driving and your alternator gives out, your car will stop dead in its tracks. What really happened? Did the entire car “break down,” or did one specific component of the system that sustains the car break down?

Things that work well typically have a good system behind them. Things that work in an average way? Well, they probably have an average system operating in the background. But if something isn’t working? Then there’s either a malfunction in the system or – even worse – no system at all.

When it comes to your personal growth and application of success principles to your life, putting a system in place (an excellent system!) can move you in the direction you want to go.

The scary thing is delving through tons of information – have you seen how many resources are available around success and achievement topics?! – and coming up with a plan.

You need an easy-to-use thinking system that narrows down all that terrific information into a usable, organized format that you can apply.
In my new book, The Success Compass, I talk about how my self-study and application broke down because I didn’t have such a thinking system in place. It took me years to figure out how to apply all the knowledge I gained through seminars, books and other media – and I narrowed the system in my book to three main components: Program, Drive, Arrive.

Are you ready to get started? Ready to use all the knowledge bouncing around in your head and back it up with a thinking system to become successful?

It’s time.

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